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Real Estate Law

Land Use and Development

The Indiana real estate attorneys at Kiley, Harker & Certain offer advice regarding land use and real estate development including federal, state, and local land use approvals required for the development of a wide variety of commercial projects.

Real Estate Litigation

Kiley, Harker & Certain real estate attorneys have handled a wide range of matters, including foreclosure, judicial and non-judicial realization of real estate security, and security governed by the Uniform Commercial Code, enforcement of contractual obligations, notes, guaranties, letters of credit and other matters arising out of troubled properties, landmarking, construction and design defects, criminal and civil environmental disputes, brokerage-related disputes, bankruptcy matters, real estate tax litigation, arbitrations, and alternative dispute resolution proceedings.

Environmental Matters

Our real estate attorneys advise owners, investors, lenders, landlords, and tenants in dealing with federal, state, and local environmental laws, regulations, and contractual obligations, including the investigation, compliance, remediation, and litigation of environmental problems. We represent environmental testing and engineering companies in their formation, licensing, and operations. We counsel clients in environmental risk management and in negotiated risk allocations.

To learn how Kiley, Harker & Certain can assist with all of your land use, development and environmental matters, contact our Indiana real estate attorneys today.

The Indiana attorneys at the law offices of Kiley, Harker, & Certain serve clients throughout Indiana, including the communities of Marion, Fairmount, Gas City, Jonesboro, LaFontaine, and Upland. We serve the following counties in North-Central Indiana: Grant County, Blackford County, Delaware County, Hamilton County, Huntington County, Madison County, Miami County, Wabash County, and Wells County. We are also qualified and do represent clients in the state of Florida.