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Alternative Dispute Resolution
A Fair Process to Avoid Litigation

The purpose of a mediator is to assist the parties in discussing issues, in hopes of agreeing to a voluntarily resolution of a dispute. This avoids the expense of further litigation, as well as the disruption it can bring to your life and business.

The Indiana ADR mediation lawyers at Kiley, Harker & Certain are recognized as trained mediators in a variety of cases. Mediation arises as the result of a court order or by agreement of the parties, and includes:

  • General civil practice
  • Family law
  • Commercial litigation
  • Labor and employment law
  • Environmental law
  • Personal Injury

We believe that the best resolution of a dispute is often one controlled by the parties involved, not by the court. Our mediation lawyers have received special training relating to the role of a mediator in resolving a dispute. Each of them have a particular expertise in the law which they mediate, and are committed to ensuring that the mediation process will serve the specific needs of the parties involved.

To obtain more information on our mediation practice, please contact our Indiana ADR mediation lawyers.

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