The Law Offices of Kiley, Harker & Certain
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A Rich Heritage
Meeting Modern Challenges with Steadfast Values

Nearly a Century of Service and Dedication To Our Clients

The law firm known today as Kiley Harker & Certain was established in 1919 by Gus Condo, Robert R. Batton and Judge Robert Van Atta and was originally located in the former Marion National Bank Building in Marion, Indiana. Since then, various partners have left their mark and contributed a vast store of knowledge, experience and values, resulting in a rich tradition of personal attention to each client’s needs.

Today, the firm of Kiley, Harker & Certainendeavors to provide exemplary service to its clients in the areas of business organization, employment law, creditors’ rights, zoning and real estate, trusts and estates, guardianships, probate administration, school law, elder law, family law, divorce, personal injury and civil litigation. The firm has garnered a prestigious “A-V” rating, the highest allowed, from Martindale-Hubbell.*

Although the name of the firm has evolved over the years, the heritage and experience passed down from generations of attorneys has allowed the firm to consistently provide faithful representation and absolute dedication to the best interests of our clients – attributes that have remained consistent for nearly a century.

* Martindale-Hubbell has been rating lawyers for over a century. It is the most widely recognized peer-review rating of lawyers in the legal field. Lawyers are rated in two categories: "Legal Ability Ratings" are: "C" (from Good to High), "B" (from High to Very High), and "A" (from Very High to Preeminent); "General Ethical Standards Rating" is: "V" (Very High) or not assigned.

Details of The Firm’s History

Established in 1919 by Gus Condo, Robert R. Batton and Judge Robert Van Atta under the name of Condo, Van Atta and Batton, as customary at the time, the firm was initially engaged in the general practice of law.

In the 1930’s, Albert L. Harker joined the firm and it became known as Batton, Van Atta and Harker. The practice evolved to include commercial and business matters, particularly banking and business reorganization as well as civil litigation focusing on defense of claims against railroads throughout Northern Indiana. By the mid-1950’s, David L. Kiley, Sr. and George Osborn had joined the firm; and it became known as Batton, Harker, Kiley and Osborn. Banking and public utility related areas of practice expanded as did personal injury defense, commercial law, business organizations as well as probate administration. Michael J. Kiley, the cousin of David L. Kiley, Sr., arrived in 1959, and Albert C. Harker, the son of Albert L. Harker, joined the firm in 1962. In the early-60’s, both Robert R. Batton and Albert L. Harker passed away unexpectedly and within a short time of each other. Soon thereafter, Michael J. Kiley and Albert C. Harker became partners in the firm of Kiley, Osborn, Kiley & Harker. The practice of the firm expanded into areas of municipal law, real estate development, planning and zoning. Banking, public utility, commercial law and civil litigation continued to grow. Kim A. Rogers became associated with the firm in 1966.

Thomas W. Michael and H. Joseph Certain joined the firm as associates in 1969. Kim A. Rogers became a partner in 1971. Thomas R. Hunt became an associate in 1973. In 1973 the firm moved to its own building at 300 W. Third Street where it remains today. In 1976, Thomas W. Michael became a partner; and in 1977 H. Joseph Certain and Thomas R. Hunt became partners. In 1979 A. Bonner Brown merged his law practice into the firm which was then known as Kiley, Osborn, Brown, Kiley, Harker and Rogers. In late 1980, Hunt left the firm to assume duties as Judge of the Grant Circuit Court. As public utilities and banking began to merge and consolidate, the practice of the firm evolved toward an emphasis on civil litigation, banking, commercial law, municipal law, real estate planning and zoning. Estate planning and the probate practice grew and became an integral part of the practice. A. Bonner Brown passed away in 1982. George Osborn left the firm in 1994 and began practicing with his daughter. In 1996, Kim A. Rogers resigned from the firm to practice law with his son. Martin A. Harker became an associate in 2000 as the third generation in his family to practice law with the firm. In 2002, Thomas W. Michael passed away; and in 2003, David L. Kiley, Sr. retired. Thomas R. Hunt retired from the bench and rejoined the firm in 2007, and Martin A. Harker became a partner. Rebecca L. Loeffler joined the firm in 2010 and became a partner in 2012.

The Indiana attorneys at the law offices of Kiley, Harker, & Certain serve clients throughout Indiana, including the communities of Marion, Fairmount, Gas City, Jonesboro, LaFontaine, and Upland. We serve the following counties in North-Central Indiana: Grant County, Blackford County, Delaware County, Hamilton County, Huntington County, Madison County, Miami County, Wabash County, and Wells County. We are also qualified and do represent clients in the state of Florida.